Metal Glossary


A pure chemical substance that consists of just one type of atom as defined by its atomic number (the number of protons in its nucleus). Elements combine to make compounds, e.g. Copper Sulphate which contains Copper, Sulphur and Oxygen. An Alloy, e.g. Brass, is a solid solution of two or more elements.


Euro Norm, European Standard.

Engraving Brass

CW612N / CZ120 Brass formulated to be best suited for engraving - For example of nameplates and pet’s collar identity discs.


Electrolytic Tough Pitch, high conductivity, Copper, CW004A (C101).


The process in which a preheated billet is constrained within a strong container in a press and then pushed by a ram through a shaped die.
The product, also called an extrusion, has the shape of the die along its whole length. Angles, rectangles, rounds and hexagons are common shapes of extruded bar, whilst tubes are frequently hollow extrusions.
With Copper Alloys, extrusion is very often followed by cold drawing to improve tolerances, surface finish and mechanical properties.