Metal Glossary

Beryllium Copper

Copper alloys with 1.5 to 2% Beryllium additions that have the highest strengths of all Copper Alloys by both heat treatment (solution treatment and age hardening) and cold working.

Beta Brass

A brass with very high Zinc content. It will have a predominantly beta phase microstructure, be brittle and used only as a brazing filler alloy.

Beta Phase

A phase in the microstructure of brasses that contain more than about 36% Zinc. Beta phase adversely affects the cold formability of brasses and hot working processes, such as hot stamping, are preferred.

Related terms: Alpha-Beta Brass, Duplex Brass

Blister Copper

Copper of about 98% purity obtained by 'converting' copper matte.

Related terms: Converting Process, Copper Matte


Any alloy of Copper and Tin.