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As a leading stockholder of Plastic we supply a wide range of the commonly required forms of plastic pipe and fittings including PVC-U, PVC-C, Blazemaster® CPVC fire sprinkler systems, ABS, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF, high purity systems, compressed air piping, double containment, pumps, process measurement, fixings & supports, installation tools, etc.

Amari Ireland is the OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR for the following:

  • Plastic Systems Plastic Tube & Pipe systems.

  • Amari SteriClad®

    A series of innovative, but proven hygienic and sterile cladding solutions that combine state of the art chemical and biological technology with experience, skills and resources to maximize sterility in healthcare and food preparation.

    SteriClad provides three levels of protection to suit all hygienic and sterile applications.

    1. SteriClad® General for hygienic cladding.
    2. SteriClad® Plus for sterile cladding, food processing and lower risk medical areas.
    3. SteriClad® Premium for maximum protection against MRSA, Clostridium Difficle, E Coli, Aspergillus Niger.

  • DecoShield®

    The Creative Cover Support System. An alternative system to constructed soffits and suspended ceilings.

    1. UL/ULC listed as a covering for all types of sprinkler piping: CPVC, Copper, Steel.
    2. Cover a grouping of lines, wiring or cable.
    3. Systems available for ceiling and sidewall installations.

    Clean, quick to install, attractive, durable and economical, DecoShield® is the #1 choice for retrofitting hotels, high rise apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, university dormitories and many other types of buildings. The neutral off-white or almond colour of the DecoShield® cover complements many decors, while painting with latex or acrylic paints will blend in with any architectural or decorating style.

    Sprinkler retrofits are more time-consuming and require greater vision and increased analysis to design. DecoShield® Systems Inc. has introduced the DecoShield® cover support System, which retrofits sprinklers into existing structures with a minimum of disruption and mess. The system is aesthetically pleasing, yet installs in a minimum of space without coverage loss or shadow.

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